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Why You Should Also Make Money in Forex?

By Rupesh Karane

You are constantly hearing about ways to make form home and you already know 99% of these claims are either bogus or scams. Is there any legitimate business which can really help you to make money fast and easy? Is there any business which can help you to make real big money? The single answer to all these questions is FOREX.

Forex is real good business. You can make a lot of money in forex right from your home.

How much you can earn in forex?

That�s up to you. The earning potential is limitless in forex.
You can make money fast and easily in forex.Forex is foreign exchange market. It involves buying and selling of currencies.

People from all walks of life are trading forex. You don�t have to a financial geek to trade forex. Anybody can trade forex. It�s very simple.
And you don�t have to put a lot of money as investment; you can start with as little as possible.

But when you look out for training course to learn forex then you will come across by courses raging from $300 to $5000. This discourages many people from learning forex.

To overcome this problem we have developed a free course to teach forex in simple manner. []
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Some Quick Forex Information

forex forum

Every trader should find his/her method/system which suits his/her own situation and personality. And that system/method must be the one that has proven to be able to make some money through trials. So, if Tom, the medium-term trader, revealed his money making method of last three decades, it may not have the same effect for Dick and Harry, the day traders, and vice versa. Agree that most fail for lack of system/method and/or lack of discipline to follow through.

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I use very primitive Forex charting methods. Please read 8 hour charts of EUR/GBP with 20 and 40 MA, and read round figures and breakout (from consolidations, then you will realize the method cannot be more primitive than that, but still deadly effective). Buy on dips towards the support and add up on breakout of that consolidation treating the two as one trade with same stop loss and "keep them" as long as the market moves in your way.

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A pip is the smallest unit of price for any currency. Most currency pairs consist of five digits and most pairs have the decimal point immediately after the first digit, EUR/USD 1.2855. In this case a single pip equals the smallest change in the fourth decimal place example EUR/USD 1.2856 - 1.2855 equals to 0.0001 pip.

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When you are trading and investing in any market, including the Forex, you must have the discipline needed to be successful. Although the system is enormous and there is a lot going on that you won't be involved within, you must actively protect your investments. Your investments will not be protected just because they are in the market. A lot can change throughout a day, so you have to always be aware of what is going on in order to be fully protected to your best ability. You should always make logical and researched decisions when trading. It is not a system to use to "get rich quick". It is a serious financial system that can break your pocket if you are not careful.

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Asia ends with gains

Mon, 07 Apr 2008 13:51:14 EDT

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Win Big Time In The Forex market With This Amazing Forex Strategy System II

Five Forex Trading Tips You MUST Know

by Tony

Know your forex trading market. Educate yourself about the currencies that you trade. The more you know about the country whose currency youre trading in the forex market, the more accurately youll be able to predict which way the money will move.

Pick a forex trading system - and stick with it. Savvy forex traders will tell you that system is everything. Forex trading by system lets you automate your trades based on history, following the traditional peaks and valleys. Set up a system and live with it to make the most of your forex trading.

Practice makes perfect - but its not the real world. Practice forex trading accounts are great for learning how a particular trading account works - but theyre not the real world. Many experienced traders recommend starting off with a mini forex account to minimize your losses while you get acclimated.

Keep your eye on the margin. Margin trading is a great way to lose a lot of money quickly. Stay away from forex margin trading until youre sure you know what youre doing.

The only win that counts in forex trading is the bottom line. In forex trading, the bottom line is how much money you made at the end of the day. Dont count won or lost trades - only dollars and cents.

Tony owns the website. Please visit the site for more information about Swiss Forex Broker Marketiva.

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So you want to become a forex trader but aren't too sure where to begin to learning process. Well, you're in luck. In today's information age, the internet is an invaluable tool that can help you find just the type of forex trading training that you'll need to make it big in foreign currency trading.

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The Forex market is a nonstop cash market where currencies of nations are traded, typically via brokers called forex brokers. Foreign currencies are constantly and simultaneously bought and sold across local and global markets while traders increase or decrease value of an investment upon currency movements. Foreign exchange market conditions can change at any time in response to real-time events so it is also considered to be a highly volatile and fragile market too. Conditions of the Forex market never remain the same they changes every second.
More info on a great Forex system

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What is a myth: A myth is often thought to be a lesson in story form which has deep explanatory or symbolic resonance for preliterate cultures, who preserve and cherish the wisdom of their elders through oral traditions by the use of skilled story tellers.

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The Foreign Exchange Market (FOREX) fx is the largest financial market in the world. For the beginner forex currency trading has the highest liquidity in the financial market with daily volume in excess of $1.95 trillion. The forex currency trading market is more than three times the total of the stocks and futures markets combined.
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European Mid Morning Update 7th April 2008

Mon, 07 Apr 2008 03:57:04 -0400
Dollar starts what may be a quiet week on the firm side

Releases from Europe:

March Forecast Actual
Swiss Unemployment Rate 2.6% 2.6%

French Trade Balance EUR -3.7bn -2.765bn

Early European data is fairly neutral with Swiss unemployment in line with forecasts and the French trade deficit slightly better than forecast in February. No one is going to get too excited about that, although the figures do impress given the rest of the numbers have been showing a softening. However, the outlook is still soft for export demand and this is worsened by the high level of the Euro.

Otherwise the morning has been quiet with just one other statement from Oman which has confirmed that there are no plans to move away from the Dollar peg. This follows a similar pledge by the UAE and should go a long way to calming any nerves that further Dollar sales will not be triggered by such an event.

The following economic releases are due today:

German Industrial Production (MoM) - 0.4%
German Industrial Production (YoY) +5.3%
U.S. Consumer Credit USD 5.5bn

Euro-zone Sentix Investor Confidence +0.2

The U.S. Dollar has been firm in Asian trading which is in stark contrast to the poor employment data on Friday. It does come as a bit of a surprise and pushing key resistance levels at 103.57-86 Yen, 1.5620-40 Euro, 1.0169-17 Swissie and 1.9755-87 are broken the downside probably still has more legs.

Still, market sentiment is nowhere close to the frenzied level of a month ago with the balance of risk between the States and Europe being reevaluated.

The IMF’s Stauss-Kahn was speaking to the Financial Times saying that the need for public intervention is becoming a requirement and dismissed the European’s notion that the credit crisis is a U.S. problem. In addition he also cast doubt on the notion that globalization has allowed a decoupling from the dependence on the United States. He emphasized that this is a global problem and will affect developing countries such as China and India also.

He pushed a global push in tackling the housing and credit problems directly while suggesting that public funds be used to buffer bank’s capital buffers.

The economic release calendar is fairly sparse this week with the market retaining focus on Thursday’s rate decisions from the BOE and ECB followed by the G7 meeting on Friday. This could keep trading subdued although the Dollar may still come under a degree of pressure. However, if seen there does seem limited room for follow-through to new lows.

Note important support and resistance areas:

Res: 103.57-86 1.5810-57 1.0331-52 2.0030-47
Res: 102.61-93 1.5700-40 1.0169-17 1.9910-55

Spt: 101.70-06 1.5620-41 1.0120-30 1.9757-88
Spt: 100.87-29 1.5510-48 1.0030-51 1.9695-27

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Featured Forex training Article

A Closer Look At Some Of The Investment Myths In The Foreign Exchange Markets

By Greg Hall

A common misconception among many newcomers to the Forex market is that they think just because they have seen people making huge sums of money trading currency that they can accomplish the same results just as quick. A common misconception among many newcomers to the Forex market is that they think just because they have seen people making huge sums of money trading currency that they can accomplish the same results just as quick. Just like anything else there is a learning curve plus there is a lot of research and strategy that goes on behind the scenes to make a trade successful. I have written this article to help you avoid some of the more common investment myths so you will know what to realistically expect when you begin trading.

Just like any other market investing, you must be disciplined to be successful in foreign currency trading if you intend to be successful at it. Another key point that you must always keep in mind is that your investments are open to risk just because of the nature of trading. Forex trading can be very volatile and things change rapidly throughout the day so you have to constantly stay on top of what is happening to protect against loss. Forex trading is not a get rich quick scheme; it can be a get poor quick scheme if you aren't careful though.

All trading brings with it inherent risk. If it were totally risk free everyone would be doing it and everyone would be wealthy. Obviously this is not the case. If you intend to make a large profit then you will have to assume risks. The larger the potential windfall, the larger the risk is that you take. Do not enter the Forex market if you are not prepared to accept the risk of loss that comes along with it. With that said, there is a lot that you can do to minimize the risk. For starters, you should educate yourself on the systems and study the market before you invest. Another good strategy is to set up a demo account that works just like a real one, except you are not investing with real money. Once you get comfortable with it and you are picking way more winners than losers you can move into actual trading with real currency.

Another misunderstood investment technique is that of leveraging, which can be very good or very, very bad. Many people who don't have much money to invest will often get a credit line to trade with so they can increase the potential profits. However, it also comes with the greatest risk of loss. The problem is that people think this is something than can be done easily by anyone and that is simply not the case. Only those who have been trading in the market for a number of years best use this principle. All it takes is one bad pick and then not only have you lost money, you now owe money.

Forex trading is for discretionary funds, money that you don't need. If you are barely paying your bills you don't belong in the Forex market. It is a volatile and rapidly changing market that will eat you up if you don't know what you are doing. Take the time to learn the market before you jump in and make sure you get with a reputable company who is willing to teach you the ropes before you commit your resources.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as foreign currency trading at

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For the beginner, FX FOREX currency trading the popular currency pairs are Euro dollar and the US dollar (EUR/USD) or the British pound and the Japanese yen (GBP/JPY).
More info on a great Forex system

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Retail sales reports are the third economic factor that is often used in analyzing the Forex. This is the total receipt of all retail stores in any country. Usually, this measurement is not every single retail sale, but is a sample of diverse retail stores throughout the country. This is considered a very reliable and important economic indicator because of the consumer spending patterns that are expected throughout the year. This factor is usually more important that lagging indicators and gives a clearer picture of the state of the economy in any country.

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The fluctuating oil prices of the past year - 2005 - are a good example of what can happen when factors affect the price and supply of oil. Remember from basic economy courses that higher oil prices act to put the brakes on consumer spending. This will be true as long as the major source of oil for industrialized countries is petroleum based. The price of all goods produced hinges on the price of a barrel of oil. If the oil prices rise, so do production and supply prices for most consumer goods. In addition, the expenses of individual consumers rise as they pay more to fuel their automobiles and heat their homes. The net result is a downward swing in the economy of the country until it hits a rallying point that starts it back on an upward trend.

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GFT Daily Market Commentary

Sun, 06 Apr 2008 22:25:42 -0400
Forex Market Commentary for April 7, 2008 by Cornelius Luca

GFT Daily Market Commentary

The dollar ended generally lower on Friday after the non-farm payrolls came in weaker than expected. The dollar remains in a downtrend, but in the short term it should recover. There is no US data due for release today.


Euro/dollar climbed to a three-day high on Friday, as expected. My model remains short, and with the pair overbought, the next move should be down.

Immediate support is at 1.5625. Below it, euro/dollar has support at 1.5540. This is followed by 1.5340.

Initial resistance is at 1.5690. The next level is 1.5785.

Oscillators are mixed.

NEAR-TERM: Slightly bearish
LONG-TERM: Bullish


Dollar/yen finally declined on Friday after surging earlier last week, but rallied in the Far East on Monday. My model remains long. The key level is 102.30 from another 50-point pivot, which targets 101.80 and 102.80.

Immediate resistance is at 102.95. The next level is at 103.40 from a 50-point pivot, which targets 102.90 and 103.90.

Initial support is at 102.30 from another 50-point pivot, which targets 101.80 and 102.80. This is followed by 101.25 from a 50-point pivot which targets 100.75 and 101.75.

Oscillators are mixed.

NEAR-TERM: Bullish
MEDIUM-TERM: Mixed to slightly bullish
LONG-TERM: Bearish


Sterling/dollar reversed early gains on Friday to close slightly lower. My model went short. I expect choppy to lower trading today.

Immediate support is seen at 1.9850. This is followed by 1.9800. Distant support is at 1.9740.

Initial resistance now comes at 1.9940. There is a pivot high at 2.0046. This is followed by 2.0190.

Oscillators are mixed.

NEAR-TERM: Bearish
MEDIUM-TERM: Mixed with upside bias

Dollar/Swiss franc

Dollar/Swiss slipped on Friday and the medium-term outlook remains bearish. But the pair recovered in Asia and my model remains long.

Initial resistance now comes at 1.0180. This is followed by 1.0251. The next level is 1.0375.

Immediate support is now seen at 1.0060. The next support is at 0.9990. This is followed by 0.9875.

Oscillators are mixed.

LONG-TERM: Bearish

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