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News or data are always read by the market along the prevailing market bias. Data can provide a good reading for the state of the market. If the data is bad but the price is still rising or not affected, it must be a bull market which means buy on dip strategy is a better one. Conversely, if the data is good but the price is not rising or even falling, it must be a bear market which means sell on bounce strategy is a better one. The inflexion point must be when bad news or good news. no longer affect the prices as they have done before. Medium/long-term bias changes are usually accompanied by such reactions to the news. It is not the numbers that counts but how the market reacts to the numbers that counts. That gives some comfort to those who are not privy to the numbers already

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There are risks in trading foreign currencies. Like any investment, forex investing carries substantial risk. You can lose all of your money and foreign currency trading can be extremely volatile. Make sure you thoroughly research futures trading and foreign exchange trading entirely before setting off on your adventure.

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Corrections may take days or longer to complete. Good quality info is everything in this game. Bottom picking in the Usd/Jpy is the Mother of all risky trades. We learn how to trade till we stop trading and we learn from each other everyday. That is the beauty of trading and life in general.

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Carry Trades Will Continue to Suffer

Mon, 17 Mar 2008 21:47:19 -0400
USD/JPY fell to the lowest level since September 1995 and we expect the currency pair to continue to weaken.

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Top Forex Trading Course

by Brian Sater

Just because there is a forex course available does not mean that this forex course will teach you how to trade the forex profitably. Unfortunately, people are paying thousands of dollars for forex seminars, forex courses, and hundreds for forex signals each month and not learning how to profit in the forex market.

The agency that is the guardian of the forex market, the CFTC, requires that anyone who produces a product on trading the forex, place a disclaimer that the forex is risky and promises of profits are unsubstantiated.

Over 95% of first-time forex traders lose their account because they are not ready to trade the forex. The good news is that you can open up a free forex trading account and practice before you invest your money.

It is recommended that the forex trader start with an inexpensive forex e-book and test out the trading methods from the book in their practice demo account before trying the trading method in a live forex account.

Another way to test the particular forex method recommended is to backtest it. You can kill two birds with one stone by going here to sign up for a free demo account and get access to a good set of free forex charts:

You can also trade the forex by receiving forex trades by e-mail. Signal companies can charge hundreds monthly for these, but there are free forex signals that can make you money. Again, trade these signals in your demo account before you invest your money. Wealth System Solutions has discovered an inexpensive, profitable signal company whose signals can be auto traded.

Will you make money every month? This is one of the biggest misconceptions,about the forex market that people make. Making money in the forex is not linear. A top forex trading course will make money for you almost every month and in the long run, will give you profits. Many forex traders jump from system to system because they lose money one month only to find that the next forex trading system makes them money, but not every month. The exponential power of the forex will make you money like no other investment. The more money you earn, the more money you will make.

When you are ready to begin trading forex in a live account, many forex brokers will tell you that you can begin in a mini account for only $250. While it is true that you can open a forex account with that amount of money, it really does not give you the leverage to see your trade move up and down and give you profit. I recommend you start trading in a forex mini account with at least a thousand dollars. If you wish to open a regular forex account, it is suggested that you begin with at least ten thousand dollars to minimize your risk. In fact, our forex broker recommends that we deposit at least $2,500 in a mini account or $25,000 in a standard account for our autotrading system.

In summary, look for a forex e-book that is under a hundred dollars. Trade the forex system in your free forex demo account. Backtest it with your free forex charts moving back in time with the charts to see how the trade holds up. Begin with a mini account and watch your forex account grow from there. Dont be discouraged and discard your forex trading system because you have one month where you dont profit. Do rethink your forex trading system if it does not give you profits over the long run.

Brian Sater is a forex consultant and owner of Wealth System Solutions. Tne bank offered me 2.9% if I deposited $50,000. See why I am laughing all the way to the bank earning a net monthly average of 8.4% using a simple, automated system.

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As a rule of thumb, 20 MAs in 8 hour, day, week and month are useful for its directional tendency and as a resistance and support point. Not sure how much it is useful in daytrading though.
Please have a look at Eur/Usd and Usd/Jpy weekly 10 RSI and Aud/Usd monthly 10 RSI "patterns", not levels. Then you will find out primitive things work better when coupled with even simpler MAs. And RSI is useful "only in these weekly and monthly time scale" as far as I can see. You can ignore RSI in short-term scales as the inventor of RSI, Wilder, told us long ago.

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Forex trading has taken the world by storm. Millions of people attempt to make their fortune on the Forex market. Unfortunately most of them will loose their money because they did not have proper forex education . Without proper education Forex trading is an expensive gamble. There are various training courses available on the internet but most of them are very expensive.

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Please always give stop order per your risk profile when you open any new position. Medium-term reversals can be confirmed only in monthly, weekly and daily charts. Chart reading is not to predict the tops or bottoms of any move, but to confirm the change of trend as soon as they are made and adopt right strategies in that new trend. Good trades.

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Woes continue for USD with further cuts firmly on horizon

Fri, 09 Nov 2007 06:15:56 GMT

New Zealand dollar

NZD volatility continues.


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